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  • Ep. #071 - Nicole Byer, Our Close Friend - Sean and Hayes make up with a question and say it's from Anastasia - "Was it against girl code in the one Seinfeld episode where the Lady couldn't spare a square for a Elaine in the Lady's room?"
  • Ep. #067 - Jes Macallan, Our Close Friend - "Hi Jes, you play Alyssa Milano's younger sister in Mistresses. She is leaving the show. Does this bring up any.. family, or abandonment issues for you?"
  • Ep. #061 - Pauly Shore, Our Close Friend - "Dear Mr. Shore, When you were shooting Son in Law, did you get to pick your wardrobe? Also, are you still friends with Carla Gugino?"
  • Ep. #060 - Tracey Wigfield, Our Close Friend - "How did it feel to win your Emmy?"
  • Ep. #056 - Iliza Shlesinger, Our Close Friend - "Iliza, in showbiz why do women need to look pretty?"
  • Ep. #050 - BriTANicK, Our Close Friends - "Do you guys like to kiss each other in real life or just in your sketches?"

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