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Andy Kneis is an intern on the show. He wrote a Popcorn Gallery theme song which debuted on Ep. #016 - Grace Helbig, Our Close Friend.

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# Episode Release Date
184 Drew Tarver, Our Close Friend 5.2.17
141 Karen Kilgariff, Our Close Friend 7.5.16
86 Ross Mathews, Our Close Friend 6.2.15
64 Listeners, Our Close Friends 12.23.14
62 Jarrad Paul, Our Close Friend 12.9.14
55 Lauren Lapkus, Our Close Friend 10.21.14
40 Aubrey Plaza, Our Close Friend 7.8.14

Pro Versions[]

Popcorn Gallery[]

  • Ep. #055 - Lauren Lapkus, Our Close Friend
    • Warning: the first two questions are asked while he is in a horny mood, and are very perverted
      1. "Do you and your significant other, do you ever do anything, like, funny, to like, annoy each other, er, like playfully? Like do any jokes, like, do you have any inside jokes with each other or anything?"  
      2. "Lauren, do you like super hero movies?"  
      3. "Lauren, do you think that um, TV is better than movies now?" 
  • Ep. #029 - Jordan Morris, Our Close Friend - "Jordan, this isn't really a question but could you please show off your acting chops and do all oyour best accents and impressions and then make Hayes and Sean do some too please. Thank you"
  • Ep. #004 - Adam Pally, Our Close Friend - "With the advent of DVR and internet streaming, are you worried that people now have the ability to pause your show on the TV and you'll be stuck making a goofy face?"