"Dan Lippert, Our Oscars Friend" is the one-hundred-seventy-fifth episode of Hollywood Handbook.

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Earwolf Synopsis Edit

With the Oscars coming up, DAN LIPPERT from Big Grande’s The Teachers’ Lounge helps Sean and Hayes make their predictions for the big show.

Notes & Memorable Quotes Edit

Pre-Guest Segment Edit

  • Sean is with Morris Chestnut and Andy Daly. They are doing a puppet show with the Scrub Daddy sponge. Sean makes it into a Rasta Sponge, who says things such as "respek". Ziggy Marley gets angry, as he feels he has a monopoly on funny, Rastafarian characters.
  • Later, Hayes gets too cold to do the intro.

Guest Segment Edit

  • Sean is sparking so much chiba that he hasn't even realized that Doug Benson is a weed comedian. He thought he was just a young guy who liked movies.
  • Cody tries too hard to be funny. The boys shut him down right away.
  • Sean Clements reveals his real, non-Hollywood name is Shonk Lemons (it has an umlaut in it, but he does not mention on which letter).
  • Hayes Davenport reveals his real, non-Hollywood name is Hayes Forhorses.
    • At Starbucks Hayes's cup always reads, "Hay is for horses."
  • The boys spill the beans about Starbucks misspelling people's names on purpose.
  • Cody actually has a few zingers, but Hayes and Sean will not let this happen again.
  • Morris Chestnut's apartment is a pigsty.

Recurring Jokes Edit

Ads Edit

  • Santaman faces off against Repossession Man, who has come to take his Harry's Razors. Repossession Guy shrugs, he's just doing his job, you can tell on his face. He begins to load up Santaman's razors one by one, as Santaman begs him not to take them away while listing off their amazing features. Santaman lies in the road in front of the Repossession Car, but it drives over him, crushing his Santaman bones to pieces.
  • Chef Kevin talks about Blue Apron. It's not a book, but it's almost like his bible. The guy messes up all kinds of pronunciations, despite claiming to be able to read. Chef Kevin is in conflict with sous-chef Cody, who hates fresh ingredients; he has a moldy book which he follows to cook rotten meals. Kevin uses Blue Apron, so he prevails over moldy old Cody.
  • Earwolf / Howl ad with Colin Anderson present

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