In order to capitalize on their first ad placement on Comedy Bang Bang, the guys as Paul F. Tompkins how to play one of the popular games from the show in order to win listeners.

"Riddle Me This is a game where, uh, everyone has to guess uh, a riddle. Somebody says a riddle, we go around, in turns. Somebody says a riddle, and then the other person has to guess what that riddle is. Not the answer to the riddle. They have to guess, like is it a famous riddle, that I would have heard somewhere before. Or, did I just make this riddle up. So for, for, the players, it makes it easy, like, if you're the person who has to come up with the riddle, you can either: make up your own riddle or you can remember a riddle from days gone by. You have to say the truth of what you did." Not a logic problem (like a woman being a doctor). Not really about answering the riddle. The game is actually everyone lies to each other and Sean gets called stupid.


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