Sean Clements (born August 4, 1981) is one of two hosts of Hollywood Handbook, with Hayes Davenport. He met Hayes while working on the TV show Allen Gregory. Sean has also written for Workaholics, and appeared in an episode of Parks and Rec and a couple of 30 Rocks. He was in that one ad where they don't know the lyrics for Rock the Kasbah and a Samsung TV one where he leans forward and says "What?" which was on the Super Bowl 2015, this Iron Man 2 tie-in one for the LG Ally, and probably a bunch more.

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Sean says what

Personal LifeEdit

  • Sean's real name is Shonk Lemons. [1] 
  • Sean is from Connecticut. 
  • Sean lives with his dad in his basement apartment.  
  • Sean describes his life growing up as a farm orphan, and his rough and tumble childhood. He used to get bitten on the bottom by geese, have to stack bales of hay, and sometimes a big storm would blow him onto the top of the farmhouse and his dad would leave him there. Sean would build a ladder, or break a collarbone to get down. [2]  
  • Sean graduated from Law Film School. [3] 
  • Sean's dad is a retired cop. [3]
    • Before becoming full-blown police he started out as a CPA - Cop Police Assistant [4] 
  • Sean's dad's name is Leslie. [5] 
  • Sean went to Harvard where he met all his rich cronies that gave him all his opportunities 
  • Sean is married to champion tennis player Steffi Graf  


  • Clemdawg
  • Trucker nickname: "Jake Bagelnuts"
  • Stand-in name: "Trick Dastardly"


Popcorn Gallery Questions Edit

  • What the fuck is wrong with you!? Why are you fucking me like this? You tryin' to embarrass me? Huh? That's a question. This funny to you? Is this fun to you, to see me fail? [6]   
  • Do you ever get scared at just how fucked up your mind is and all these crazy connections you make when you're just talking and just really going down the sort of Byzantine labyrinth that is your synapses?! [7]

Appearances on Other PodcastsEdit

Earwolf Edit

# Show Episode with Hayes? Release Date
UCB Sports & Leisure "A Sock Full of Bees (w/ Sean Clements & Hayes Davenport)" Yes 11.19.18
61 Off Book: The Improvised Musical "Do Trust The 'D' in Destiny (w/ Sean Clements, Hayes Davenport)" Yes 9.10.18
Action Boyz "If Looks Could Kill (1991)" No 8.13.18
2.67 Hello From the Magic Tavern "Season 2, Ep 67 - Mole Warriors (w/ Sean Clements and Hayes Davenport of Hollywood Handbook)" Yes 7.8.18
546 Comedy Bang! Bang! "69 Show Pitches" Yes 5.16.18
543 Comedy Bang! Bang! "The 9th Anniversary Show!" Yes 4.30.18
142 With Special Guest Lauren Lapkus "Sean Clements and Hayes Davenport: T.G.I.G.O.T.G.OST 2" Yes 11.24.17
120 Spontaneanation with Paul F. Tompkins "A Murder Mystery Dinner Party" Yes 7.10.17
75 Earwolf Presents "Hollywood Masterclass, Ep1: The Role of The Artist" No 6.28.17
337 Who Charted? "End of an Error" No 5.17.17
275 improv4humans "The Best of i4h Vol. 7" No 1.26.17
30 Hard Nation "Ken Bone's Family Is Lost (w/ Sean Clements, Hayes Davenport)" Yes 10.19.16
259 improv4humans "Millenial Falcon: Live from LA Podfest" No 9.29.16
75 Spontaneanation with Paul F. Tompkins "Aquarium" Yes 8.29.16
297 Who Charted? "She's a Talent" No 8.10.16
436 Comedy Bang! Bang! "Rich Mind Vain" No 7.25.16
414 Comedy Bang! Bang! Hollywood Handbook Comedy! (Hollywood Edition)" Yes 4.11.16
351 Comedy Bang! Bang! "CBB: The Movie" Yes 5.18.15
350 Comedy Bang! Bang! "Helmets, Aqueduct, Crucifixion, and Boobs" (uncredited, in ads) Yes 5.11.15
341 Comedy Bang! Bang! "Banging the Table with Stars" (uncredited, in ads) Yes 3.23.15
340 Comedy Bang! Bang! "LIVE from SXSW 2015 II" (uncredited, in ads) Yes 3.19.15
339 Comedy Bang! Bang! "LIVE from SXSW 2015" (uncredited, in ads) Yes 3.16.15
338 Comedy Bang! Bang! "Be My Guest, Literally!" (uncredited, in ads) Yes 3.9.15
12 With Special Guest Lauren Lapkus "Sean Clements, Hayes Davenport: T.G.I.G.O.T.G.OST" Yes 2.6.15
141 improv4humans "Best of improv4humans Vol. 5" No 7.3.14
128.5 improv4humans "Best of improv4humans Vol. 4" No 4.15.14
115.5 improv4humans "Bonus Cut: Macbook Tree" No 1.14.14
115 improv4humans "Daniel the Miracle Beagle" No 1.9.14
98.5 improv4humans "Bonus Cut: Best of What's Bothering You? Special" No 9.17.13
78 improv4humans "The A Crew" No 4.25.13
59 improv4humans "Gun Control" No 12.20.12
15 Earwolf Presents "the reality SHOW show" Yes 11.5.12
19 improv4humans "Twirly Burrito" No 3.22.12

Non-Earwolf Edit

# Show Episode Release Date
545 Jordan, Jesse, Go! "Throttle Up with Sean Clements and Hayes Davenport" 8.21.18
156 High and Mighty "Bosch with Sean Clements & Ben Rodgers" 5.24.18
Doughboys "The Great Shrimp Off with Sean Clements and Hayes Davenport" 10.26.17
19 The Dumbbells "Workout Revolution (w/Sean Clements)" 3.1.17
Doughboys "BJ’s with Sean Clements & Hayes Davenport" 2.9.17
87 High and Mighty "Iced Coffee w/ Sean Clements" 1.26.17
Doughboys "Rocklobsterfest: Red Lobster 4 with Sean Clements & Hayes Davenport" 10.27.16
37 High and Mighty "Banshee Special S4E1 w. Sean Clements & Sean Conroy" 4.4.16
33 High and Mighty "Banshee w Sean, Sean and Ben" 3.17.16
12 High and Mighty "Poker and Gambling w/ Dominic Dierkes and Sean Clements" 10.22.15
418 Gilmore Guys "Tick, Tick, Tick, Boom! (with Sean Clements)" 7.29.15
14 Trends With Benefits "I Love My Haters with Sean Clements (or: What Was Trending on 03-29-2015)" 3.29.15
66 Box Angeles "Sean Clements" 3.1.15
219 Gilmore Guys "Teach Me Tonight (with Sean Clements)" 2.9.15
3 Haim Slides "Special Guest Sean Clements" 12.29.14

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