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  • Ep. #057 - Sean and Hayes, Our Closest Friends - "What is your favorite episode, segment, or guest?"
    • "How big of a donation to Earwolf would it take to hang out with you guys?"
  • Ep. #046 - Jessica Williams, Our Close Friend - "Jessica Williams, why is it called news when all the stories has already happened? I mean 'new' is right there in the word but it's actually is old"
  • Ep. #022 - Jon Gabrus, Our Close Friend - "John where did you find the audacity to go on Pete Holmes's nerdist podcast before doing Sean and Hayes's Earwolf podcast? Follow up: How dare you!?"
  • Ep. #021 - Nick Thune, Our Close Friend - "Is there a guitar that you are partial to when joke slaying?"
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