Hollywood Handbook features a main theme song for the show, and fan-submitted theme songs for various segments.

The Songs Edit

Main Theme Edit

The main theme is written by Sean and Hayes[1], and performed by Annaliese Schiersch, who also did the theme song for The reality SHOW show.

Meg Ryan, Richard Gere, Michelle Pfieffer, Rupert Grint
Small, small, small
Small, small, small!
Here comes Hayes and Sean
Whoa-o, whoa-o
Hollywood Handbook

Popcorn Gallery Edit

The PCG has numerous theme songs, the most popular being the one produced by Tim Treese.

(sounds of popcorn, building to multiple palm muted guitar tracks and drums) 
Mmmm... Fluffy One!
(Very jazzy and catchy)
The Popcorn Gallery
It's time for it
It's the Popcorn Gallery
It's a segment... on Hollywood Handbook
Sean and Hayes
Lettin' the viewers ask the questions
Not the peanut gallery, 'cause
It's about... movies, yeah!
The movies is the reason it's
Called the Popcorn Gallery, and
Sean and Hayes lettin' the
Viewers doin' all the
Questions, yeah and now it's
Time for...
The Pop! Cornnnn Gallery, oh yeah!
(lots of harmonica, motifs of the Star Spangled Banner)
Earwolf on 'em.
Yyyum, popcorn!
Earwolf on 'em.
Two peanuts walk into a bar, bartender says "Oyy, get outta here!"
Popcorn Chicken!
What up, what up?
Popcorn Shrimp
Pop cornrows, with a popcorn limp!
Gallery man, gallery man, got mo salary popcorn gallery
Reach down feel around grab a grip of butter 
Reach down feel around grab a grip of --
Mmm, yum, popcorn! 
You're gonna need a big bucket / Hopefully everyone's happy and healthy out there
It's the United States of Whatever..

Teaser Freezer Edit

Songs for the Teaser Freezer segment

(It's so cold,
It's so cold)
It's so cold, it's so cold in the
Teaser Freezer
It's so cold, it's so fucking cold in the 
Teaser Freezer

Gmail Roulette Edit

Songs for the Gmail Roulette segment

(Wheel sound effect from one of Sean's wheel spins)
Lunch pail light rail Gmail Roulette
Twenty on black twenty-seven on red
Big spin big spin money and a must win
Won't stop chattin talkin Gmail cool it
(soft acoustic guitar covers "Blackbird" by the Beatles) 
Gmail Roulette.
Working on my winning of this red carpet hallways
Listenin' to Hayes and Sean read their e-mails
It's G-mail roulette so get ready
To hear an e-mail from a celebrity
It's G-mail roulette so get ready
To hear an e-mail from a celebrity
It's G-mail roulette so get ready
To hear an e-mail from a celebrity

That's Wheely Interesting Edit

Songs for the That's Wheely Interesting segment

References Edit

  1. A tweet by Annaliese
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