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The Toilet Bowl Cleaners is a band started by Matt Farley who have ten albums of 'poop songs.'


Matt Farley is a multiple-time guest on Brendon Walsh and Randy Liedtke's podcast The Bone Zone. On Episode 145 of this show, starting at around 35', Brendon reads aloud a text exchange between Matt and himself:

"I paid $3 for a podcast called [redacted] to read an ad for the the Toilet Bowl Cleaners and they were rude and demeaning about it, so I figured I'd rather give you something for all the free, positive publicity" (Matt sent each host of the Bone Zone $1 000 000 gift cards).

Brendon offers to shame the unnamed podcast on the next episode. To which Matt replies:

"Cool. It's at the beginning of the 8/26/14 episode. I complained and had them do a new version on the next episode." (emphasis/links added)

Then they begin to 'shame them.' At 44' they play the ad, and call them 'bitches' and 'fucking losers' and 'fucking idiots.' The premise of the song 'Poop Into a Worm Hole' was created by Brendon. The hosts also mention that 'Johnny' (the editor assumes this means Pemberton) was on and must know these guys.


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